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Career Center Paraprofessional Program

The Career Center offers paraprofessional positions that serve as an experience complementary to the field you are interested in pursuing. This program is shaped and structured through a professional/corporate perspective.

Each position is tailored and purposefully planned to help prepare you for what it will be like working in an occupation you are exploring. Furthermore, we offer a professional development series to strengthen your skills and excel as a paraprofessional.

For undergraduate interns, faculty sponsors support three upper-division academic credits per semester. The integration of academics and experiential learning will be one of the most beneficial components in your career development process. In addition, you will have the opportunity to receive recommendations for future internships/jobs/graduate programs directly from the professional staff at the Career Center.

Most importantly, you will gain connections with the employers that work with the Career Center. This is a full-year experience (fall & spring).

We welcome you to explore an opportunity to work on campus as part of a dynamic paraprofessional team! Please check Handshake for application deadlines.

Human Resources Interns

This is a great opportunity for students interested in human resource, and/or IO psychology to become more knowledgeable about corporate organizations/non-profit agencies and their hiring opportunities.

Students will also have the opportunity to polish their communication skills through contact with agency representatives, refine computer skills through extensive use of Handshake and MS office, and gain a thorough understanding of career services at Stony Brook. Students should expect to also increase their knowledge of the recruiting process.

Projects will include, but not be limited to:

  • Review business resources to target new employers
  • Assist CC staff in developing recruitment activity reports or as needed
  • Conduct outreach presentations to clubs, classes, and other groups
  • Staff Career Center table at job fairs to recruit and assist in screening process for prospective interns
  • Promote volunteer, internship, and full/part-time opportunities among Stony Brook students
  • Demonstrate and guide students through Handshake registration, and use of Career Center resources
  • Enter and update agency contacts through Handshake
  • Contact employers with prospect letters, emails or phone calls
  • Support employer events- 2 job fairs throughout the academic year
  • Follow up with employers who attended Job Fairs and encourage participation in various events

Marketing Interns

Represent the Career Center and promote its services among students in a variety of campus venues, including web-based and e-promotions, high traffic areas of campus, residence halls and commuter communities.

Projects will include, but not be limited to:

  • Develop and execute monthly marketing plan for Career Center events and workshops
  • Staff weekly table times, major events, and 4 job fairs throughout the academic year
  • Conduct outreach presentations to clubs, classes, and groups
  • Represent the Career Center at Hall Council meetings, community functions, and on-campus events
  • Create and/or modify Career Center YouTube commercials
  • Work with our graphics department to create marketing flyers and distribute in high traffic locations
  • Update and maintain bulletin boards, Blackboard, Twitter, and Facebook for the Career Center
  • Demonstrate advantages of registering online with the Career Center’s Handshake and guide students through the process during table times

Career Counseling Interns

This is a great opportunity for students interested in careers in counseling, guidance, higher education, and/or human services. Students will assist their peers in career development through making career decisions, pursuing meaningful career-related experiences, and making successful transitions from college to the world of work or graduate school. Through extensive training, students will become thoroughly versed in Career Center programs, services, and resources. In addition, students will have access to all of the Career Center’s resources and contacts!


  • Assess student career development needs and make appropriate referrals to services and programs.
  • Provide information and advise students regarding the career exploration process.
  • Co-lead presentations on career related topics.
  • Explain value of career-related inventories, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Strong Interest Inventory
  • Learn resume review techniques

Graphic Design Interns

This is a great opportunity for students interested in graphic design, desktop publishing and advertising. Develop a superior understanding of connections between design and marketing strategies, and an insider’s perspective on the corporate world.

Projects will include, but not be limited to:

  • Design advertising and promotional materials for Career Center publications special events and bulletin boards.
  • Specific assignments may include:
  • Career planning calendar publications
  • Flyers for corporate sponsored events
  • Add-ons to website
  • Creation of table tents
  • Program advertisement
  • Bulletin board designs
  • Aid staff and offsite printers with graphic design related issues

Communications Interns

Research, write, and edit text for the Career Center's website and other publications, in collaboration with staff. This internship would provide appropriate experience for students interested in public relations, corporate communications, writing and editing.

Projects will include, but not be limited to:

  • Press releases highlighting departmental and student accomplishments
  • Making recommendations for edits and new content to the department website; writing new content as requested

Graduate Assistantship

Interested in a career in Human Resources?

Want to learn the behind the scenes operations on recruiting college students?

Want to increase your networking opportunities with employers?

This is a great opportunity for students interested in the Recruiting area of Human Resources. Students will assist the Employer Relations team in contacting agency representatives in various corporate organizations / non-profit agencies to increase knowledge of the recruiting process and communication skills. Students will also have opportunities to polish on presentation skills through leading workshops and special events. Through extensive training, students will become thoroughly versed in Career Center programs, services, and resources.


  • Learn Stony Brook’s on-line administrative system (Handshake) and activate students for On-Campus Recruiting Program
  • Lead On-Campus Recruiting Program presentations for students
  • Troubleshoot On-Campus Recruiting questions/problems for students
  • Maintain regular communications with students regarding job/internship opportunities and event
  • Identify employer leads through various channels
  • Coordinate diversity and special career development programs
  • Complete special projects as assigned

Compensation: Will be discussed after interviews have been conducted.


The Career Center is searching for a Webmaster to maintain and update the Career Center's website as needed. You may have the option of working remotely, but will be required to come into the office for meetings. This post is demand-based and thus the time required of you will vary widely based on the amount of work that is needed.

Expectations of Applicants:

  • Very familiar with the Drupal Content Management System and have had experience developing at least one Drupal based site (whether commercial or personal). Familiarity with module development is not required.
  • Comfortable with HTML and CSS.
  • Strong working knowledge of at least one programming language (PHP, Java, etc).
  • Able and willing to independently learn new technical skills as required in a timely manner.

The Career Center has no openings for professional staff at this time. Please check Handshake for updates.