I’m Doing Everything Right So – What’s Going Wrong?!

We’re not saying we don’t believe you! We just want to make sure you’ve covered all the basics by providing you with a checklist with some steps that should be taken before and throughout your job search.

Take a minute to review the checklist below:

____ Updated my resume and had it reviewed by the Career Center
____ Updated my ZebraNet account and use it often to search for positions and for employers of interest
____ Searched job advertisements online and in print.
____ Included a Cover Letter with every position I apply for
____ Done extensive research on my industry of interest and companies
____ Utilized networking tools often

If you checked off every box and you’re still having difficulty you may benefit from speaking with one of our Career Counselors. Call the Career Center to make an appointment at 631-632-6810.

If there is an item or two on the list above which you missed in your job search, you might have located the issue! Just click on the text of the job search step you missed and you will be directed to another location on this site where you can polish that particular skill!