Career Success Tools: See it. Learn it. Do it.

Developing habits for future success

The journey to a fulfilling career involves many factors and is not a straight path. Many people struggle to understand all factors involved in finding the right career fit and become distracted by the bends, re-routes, and detours that often present itself along the way. This Career Toolbox strives to provide you with tools and strategies to help you navigate, thrive, and ultimately achieve career success.

Each topic is designed to explain its importance to your career development (See it.), provide more in-depth information (Learn it.), offer questions to reflect on and further apply in your life (Do it.), and suggest additional resources to enhance learning.

Use this Individual Development Plan (IDP) to clarify and create a career development action plan. Select 2 or 3 areas you would like to work on and develop a realistic plan to begin working on these life skills. Use these resources to improve and practice skills employers want you to have. This plan is meant to be revisited and flexible while you accomplish your SMART goals. Reflect on your progress (or lack of progress) with a career counselor, mentor or trusted advisor. Small steps and greater awareness make a big difference!

Career Tools:

Do you feel your mind is in a million places at once?
Use your mindfulness to focus your career strategy

Goal Setting
Do you need career direction?
Learn proper goal setting

Stress Management
Freaking out about your future career?
Learn to work under pressure

Critical Thinking
Are you feeling stuck? Use critical thinking
to make decisions

Emotional Intelligence
Practicing Emotional Intelligence leads to a
successful career

Writing Skills
Worried about how writing can affect
your career success?

Time Management
Are you wondering how you are going to get
everything done in the little time you have?

Confidence and Career Success
Not sure how to market yourself to a professionals?

Mentor Relationships
Do you need help bridging to the gap from college to
career? Gain career advice from Stony Brook
University alumni

Habits & Routines
Feeling unmotivated about starting the job search?
Unsure of where to begin looking for new