Professional Staff

Alfreda James
Assistant Director
Expertise: Public Policy, Government, Science Research

Amie Vedral
Career Development Associate
Expertise: Exploring Students, Education, Social Work, Counseling

Andrea Lipack
Associate Director
Expertise: IT & Engineering

Casey Savin
Student Employment Coordinator
Expertise: On-Campus Employment and Training

Caterina Reed
Intake Advisor
Expertise: Major-Career Relations, Job Search Using Handshake

Crystal Diaz
Employer Relations Associate
Expertise: IT & Engineering

Debbie Fosta
Administrative Assistant
Expertise: F/T job listings

Elena Polenova
Associate Director
Expertise: Graduate School, Exploring Students

Helen Jolly
Peace Corps Recruitment Officer

Joanna Durso
Senior Career Counselor
Expertise: Arts & Humanities

Joyce Guglielmo
Career Programs Administrator

Kimberly Joy Dixon
Assistant Director
Expertise: Business & Diversity Recruitment

Marianna Savoca
Expertise: Engineering, International Relations

Megan Smedley
Internship Consultant
Expertise: Health Care & Human Services

Nikki Barnett
Assistant Director of Alumni Career Services
Expertise: Alumni

Patricia Hayes
Office Manager

Taylor Kircher
Industry Consultant, Marketing and Social Media Specialist
Expertise: Business

Urszula Zalewski
Assistant Director
Expertise: Health Care & Human Services