"Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Alfreda James

TITLE: Assistant Director
INDUSTRY LIAISON: Public Policy, Government, Science Research


Alfreda S. James specializes in counseling graduate students about career options. She advises undergraduates pursuing careers in public policy, government, and science. Her professional experience includes an arrested landing and catapult launch on the USS Reagan, teaching a career exploration class, instruction on dining etiquette, and monitoring student progress in internships.

Personal/Professional Background:

She is a member of the Graduate Career Consortium, a network of career education professionals who advise graduate students. Dr. James is a member of the Turner Fellows Advisory Committee and the WISE Working Group. Dr. James and her family are members of the university’s Host Family program helping international students adapt to American culture. She recently received an UUP Individual Development Award to review experiential education programs at other universities.

Raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. James graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in History. She began her professional life writing for a weekly newspaper. After two years of interviewing local politicians and attending school board meetings, the career in journalism (and its low salary) lost its glamour. The next professional stop involved returning to William and Mary and joining the undergraduate admission staff. For the next five years Dr. James travelled throughout the state of Virginia convincing high school students to apply to the College. During this period, she acquired a M.Ed in Higher Education Administration.

Dr. James moved to Long Island in 1988 to join her husband, then a graduate student at SBU. Since the late 1980’s she has completed a PhD in American History on the activities of free African American women in abolition societies, taught at Suffolk Community College, managed budgets, and directed an internship course.

Favorite part about working at the Career Center:

The endless variety of students

Office Location
Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library,
Ground Floor
(631) 632-6810
Walk-In Hours
Wednesday, 10 AM - 12 PM