Relate Academic Majors to Careers

The relationship between academic major and career options is not always linear. Students focused on medical school do not necessarily have to major in biology. What is most important to employers and graduate admissions committees is the total skill set an applicant presents.

Many resources exist to help your students learn about the variety of career and job possibilities available for every major offered at Stony Brook. Click here to view our list of academic majors and how they relate to careers. Other resources include online career exploration programs and industry databases, as well as print resources in our Career Resource Library.

Among the most popular web and print resources:
What Can I Do With a Major In… series
Great Jobs In… series available in our print library
Occupational Outlook Handbook
VAULT industry guides

Careers in Panels & Networking Events

We welcome opportunities to partner with faculty to bring alumni and other professionals to campus to talk to students about career paths and preparation required. For example:

Careers in Engineering Careers for Psychology Majors
Careers in Biology Other than Health Care Careers in the Arts
Careers in Public Policy Green Careers
Internships in Advertising & Public Relations Careers in the Helping Professions

If you would like to collaborate on a career related event, contact us!

Contact: Contact your Career Center liaison or for general questions, contact Elena Polenova, Associate Director of Career Counseling & Programs, at 631-632-6879 or at