Resumes for Assignments

Some faculty members create a resume and cover letter assignment as part of their course syllabus or requirements (e.g. HAN 383, CSE/ISE 300). We applaud your interest in prompting students to give careful consideration to their career development and helping prepare them for experiential and post-graduation options.

PLEASE LET US KNOW as far in advance as you can by sharing your assignment goals and deadlines with us, as well as the number of students involved, as such assignments impact our staffing plans. If you are working with a large number of students and anticipate they will seek Career Center guidance and resume/cover letter review, consider a staggered deadline for completion.

Please also direct students to Handshake for actual job or internship descriptions on which to base their assigned resumes and cover letters.

You may wish to consider adding a note in your syllabus that directs students to the Writing Center for individual coaching on writing style. In addition, you may also wish to encourage students to access our website for step-by-step guides to resume and cover letter writing, including samples.

Contact Elena Polenova, Associate Director of Career Counseling & Programs, at 631-632-6879 or at