International Students' Careers

In January 2017, the Stony Brook University Career Center partnered with GradConnection, a free job search platform, to help international students find jobs/internships in the Asian Pacific region. Seawolves are the first students in New York State with access to an exclusive GradConnection portal.

Overseas employers want to hire US-trained graduates, with 84% of recruiters preferring students with degrees from American universities over any other country. However, due to distance, time-zone differences, and limited staff resources, it can be difficult for employers to recruit. Addressing these difficulties, GradConnection, created in 2008, enables employers to post internships, traineeships, and full-time positions for students studying in the United States.

GradConnection has easy-to-use, organized features to help students efficiently find employment opportunities including: a search engine to help find the right opportunity; personal profiles that can be discovered by employers; regular, customizable emails with relevant opportunities based on degree and graduation date.

This partnership represents the SBU Career Center’s commitment to increasing more employment options for F1 and J1 visa holders. As Alfreda James, Assistant Director, Graduate Students and Post Docs and GradConnection liaison, says: “GradConnection is a chance for students to go global by extending the reach of their job search. This is also a useful way to understand the overseas job market and its cycle.”

GradConnection is an advantageous platform both for students and for the university as a whole. As more students use the database, SBU will gain greater name recognition among international employers, leading to more companies seeking out SBU students and making SBU more competitive among the top universities in the country.

The Stony Brook University Career Center is dedicated to educating and preparing students for their future careers, and to connecting hiring organizations with our diverse student and alumni talent. Visit us at the foot of the Zebra Path or online at