Parents & Families

Parents and other family members play an important role in a student’s career development. Our partnership begins the moment your student steps onto the campus, and continues even after commencement.

Our dedicated career professionals assess, counsel, prepare and coach students through each stage of the career exploration process, which includes making critical connections between majors and professions. We maintain excellent relationships with top employers to ensure we give our students the most accurate industry information. This helps them avoid common misconceptions that may stall their progress.

Encouraging students to utilize the Career Center’s services from the very beginning will help increase their chances of being successful in today’s highly competitive job market. Creating a career plan requires intentional and ongoing work on their part, and with our help and your support, they can make informed decisions and take responsibility for their success!

Top Ways Families Support Student Success:

  • Encourage students to visit the Career Center throughout their Stony Brook experience.
  • Support students in taking personal responsibility for their career ambitions.
  • Provide job and internship opportunities for other Stony Brook students.