Career Skills Digital Badges

What are digital badges?

Digital badges recognize, display, and transmit a person’s skills, abilities, and knowledge developed through experiences that are verified by the judgment of some university authority. Badges are a visual way to recognize the competencies students have developed and help them connect their accomplishments to the actual job market. Digital badging allows employers to grasp the verifiable skills that students have gained...

Digital Badges "make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, and hold the potential to help transform where and how learning is valued" (MacArthur Foundation, 2013 -

“What is a Badge?” video: (MacArthur Foundation, Digital Media & Learning)

What are the benefits?

  • You can prove to employers that you have meaningful learning experiences by showcasing verified skills/competencies
  • You may use career skills badges as talking points in your next interview
  • You will be able to provide concrete examples of how you have earned and developed each skill
  • You can display career skills badges not only on your resume but on a Web site, blog or LinkedIn page while you’re looking for a job, internship, or co-op
  • Digital Badges connect informal and formal learning in and out of college
  • Add color and uniqueness to your social media/personal branding
  • Employer will understand what you can do and see how your skills might fit within his other organization
  • Employers want to see skill sets, they want to see endorsements, they want to see the complete profile of a candidate including micro credentials like digital badges

How to earn and display digital badges

Stony Brook University uses a badging platform called: Credly

Students can earn these badges in a variety of ways - badges take different forms according to their context. The Career Center currently offers Career Skills Digital Badges in a form of three digital badges: Communication, Problem Solving and Teamwork. Please read the criteria required carefully before submitting your application for a badge on Credly. The criteria outline a detailed explanation of all requirements specific to each badge and level.

Steps to earn digital badges:

  • Student logs into Credly’s site by using their SBU credentials
  • Student applies for a specific career skill digital badge(s) by submitting the required evidence to the approver who is designated by the Career Center. The
    evidence may include text, photographs, video, or other forms of participation and reflection.
  • Student’s evidence goes into the approval bin and is being verified by the designated academic authority.
  • After student’s evidence is approved, she/he will be given the badge.
  • Please complete the Digital Badge Request Form

Displaying a digital badge:

Student can display career skills digital badges on an electronic resume/CV, LinkedIn, Facebook, e-Portfolio or other social networking platforms.